Revision To-Do List

During the next step of revising my research project I will have to:

  • Find and use sources that deal with the history of mental illness.
  • Somewhat revise thesis to be clearer and include the idea of illusion within the illusion of a play.
  • Go over draft to make sure certain incorrect claims are not made (such as O’Neill and Albee being contemporary). Instead, perhaps specify that they are both twentieth century playwrights.
  • Include critiques of mirror neurons research and what they mean.
  • Include a paragraph that introduces the plays and what each play does with mental illness.
  • Read over the draft with the idea in mind of clarifying any statement that reads as vague or is generalizing. Make specific claims based on sources.
  • Find a good quote for the beginning of my introduction.

I’m sure there are more things that I need to add to this list. I’m saving it to a word document that I will be adding to and will be able to change so if anyone has anything they think I should add, please feel free to let me know! As always, thanks so much to my group mates and Professor Tougaw for all their help and support!


    • Jason Tougaw on February 19, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    This is a great list–and gives you plenty to do for now. You’ll get another chance to revise, so that’s your chance to deal with anything else that comes up. I think this will make a big difference. It’s all within your grasp.

  1. Hey Caitlin
    Let me first say thank you for all your great feedback for my paper. It was all extremely encouraging as well as helpful. Now then, when you mention sources that deal with the history of mental illness, are you referring to that general umbrella or something more specific? If you had something specific in mind, it would be good to search for that. I am just thinking that it is such a broad topic and refining it would make for easier research. Also, it is possible that you may find that special beginning quote while researching the topic of mental illness, so keep your eyes peeled. Another thing that you may want to add to your list is ensuring that each paragraph states the function it plays in your essay. Well, this is the most I can think to say at the moment. I hope it was helpful.

  2. Hi Caitlyn,
    my favorite parts of your paper as a reader are the parts where you delve into Hamlet and other plays. I had many “ah ha!” moments when I read your insights, especially for Hamlet. You hammer home points I would have never thought of, and as a reader, those are always my favorite moments.

    Please feel confident to include your own voice liberally throughout, a bit of wisdom you offered to me!

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