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Sui Sin Far Presentation

Sui Sin Far was a writer born under the name Edith Maud Eaton to a Chinese mother and English Father. Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian is an autobiographical essay that Far wrote describing many of the events of her life and the discrimination she faced as an Eurasian. This essay was written in 1890 …

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Preliminary Exam Plans

My plans below are in no way complete, nor are they definitely what I am doing on test day, but its a start. Okay, here we go:   Historical Context: Right now, I am leaning towards using A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Importance of Being Earnest for my historical context section. Both texts deal with mistaken identity …

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Bhabha Theory Presentation

For my group’s theory presentation this week, it was my job to explicate the work. I attempted to identify and explain key passages and arguments of Bhabha’s for the class and, in doing so, try to help the class better understand the theoretical work. One of the most important points of Bhabha’s to understand is …

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Final Revision Plans

I have been avoiding writing this post all week because I really wasn’t sure what my plans for revising were going to be after Wednesday. My draft has undergone a lot of changes since submitting it on Sunday and now I feel I can confidently say what my plans will be leading up to Friday. …

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