Final Revision Plans

I have been avoiding writing this post all week because I really wasn’t sure what my plans for revising were going to be after Wednesday. My draft has undergone a lot of changes since submitting it on Sunday and now I feel I can confidently say what my plans will be leading up to Friday.

As of right now, I plan to take into account all the feedback I will get from my group members and see how the feedback could mesh with what I now have. I understand that the feedback they will be giving me will be on my Sunday draft, but it may still help further evolve some of my ideas. After our workshop, I will (hopefully for the last time) print my paper and do a full read through to help polish the language and make sure that everything is working for me as intended. I’m finally feeling good about my project and feel comfortable with it; the writing finally feels like me. I feel like I have taken care of the things that I wanted to, so now I will just have to deal with whatever comes up during our workshop and final touches. Thanks so much, everyone, for your great advice and support; its made all the difference!

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